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  • Major: You can now apply a time-interval based drilldown by clicking and dragging on the time chart.

  • Major: You can now drill down on every table in the dashboard except for Goals.

  • Minor: Fix bug in view and monthly counts on dashboard


  • Major: The dashboard page now shows you total monthly view and visitors across all of your sites!

Total stats


  • Minor: Goals can now be viewed and removed from the dashboard


  • Major: Drilldown now shows up across most of the dashboard (except for Goals which we should add soon).
Drilldown demo


  • Minor: Added usage quotas to the Settings page (these are still soft quotas for now).

  • Minor: Improved the upgrade experience.

  • Major: Added drilldowns! You can now click on the Pages table, the Sources table and the Countries map to explore subsets of your data. Currently this is applied to the time chart but soon it'll show up in other charts as well.

    You can select several drilldowns together and they will be applied conjunctively (i.e. all selections must match).

    Drilldown demo