beampipe docs

Custom events and goals

Beampipe allows you to log custom events from your webpage. These can be used to track drop-off rates or notify you should something interesting happen.

Logging events

Our tracker script (see Getting started) will automatically register a function on the window object called window.beampipe.

To log an event, simply invoke this function wherever you like:


Configuring goals

Once events are being captured by beampipe, you can set up a Goal to track the events. To do this, go to the domain view for the domain against which you are logging events. At the bottom of this page you will find the Goals card. It should look like this:

Goals card

Click the button marked Create a goal and you will see a modal dialog. Fill in the Name and Description fields with whatever makes sense for your site. The Event type must match the string passed to the beampipe function above. To track the signup events as a goal, we could fill it in as follows:


You can also configure page views as goals. In this case, the event type will be page_view and you must specify a path within website e.g. /.