beampipe docs

Getting started

Getting started with beampipe is a piece of cake.

1. Set up your domain

First things first, you'll need to setup your domain on our site. To do this, head to the dashboard and hit the Add button to create a new domain. The should be "bare" without http:// or www. So for instance if you normally visit your site at, enter into the domain box.

Public or private domain

You can also choose for your site's statistics to be public or private. Once you're done, click Save to configure your domain.

2. Embed our tracker script

Once you've set up your domain, then you'll need to embed our tracker script in your site. You should see the code to do this on the dashboard (if not, click the help symbol on the domain you wish to track). The code should look something like this:

</script> should match exactly what you entered when you created the domain.

You'll need to copy this in to your website's <head> section for any page that you wish to track.