beampipe docs

Slack integration

Beampipe features built-in Slack integration with our Pro subscription. You can subscribe to notifications for custom events logged by your site (see Custom events) or receive weekly traffic summary reports.

1. Configure our Slack bot

Go to Beampipe's Settings page. Here you should see an Add to Slack button. You'll need to give us some privileges to access your Slack workspace. Once this is done, you should see the Beampipe bot appear in your Slack workspace.

2. Subscribe to notifications

You can see a list of commands at any time by doing:

/beampipe help

To receive notifications when a particular event is triggered, first head over to the Slack channel where you want the notifications to appear. You can then use the Beampipe slash command as follows:

/beampipe subscribe signup

Here is your domain id and signup can be any event type logged by your site. You'll receive notifications for any matching events in your Slack channel. This can be great for sharing success when you get a signup or a subscription upgrade.

To get a weekly traffic summary report,

/beampipe summary

This will be sent at 5pm every Friday in whatever timezone you've configured in your user settings (by default UTC).

To unsubscribe from any of these notifications,

/beampipe list

You'll see a list of your active subscriptions within the current channel and can click to ubsubscribe.

Slack subscription list